Call me maybe, not. (aka quick intro to PDPC Singapore’s “DO NOT CALL” Registry)


Imagine you were waiting for an important call, akin to Jepsen in her hit, “Call Me Maybe”. And your phone rang! It’s an unknown number, “could it be…?” you thought, and your heart jumped a beat. You held your excitement, tried your best to be cool about it, cleared your throat and timed yourself before you pick up the phone…

“Good morning, Miss Diana. I am Tom representing …..”
Tom? Who’s Tom? How many calls and text messages have you received from a or many Toms in a day? Well, I receive almost an average of 3 a day (Tom loves me, I reckon maybe ;p). If you would like to protect your number from unsolicited telemarketing calls, here’s the good news:
Starting in 2 December you can register your number on Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore’s DO NOT CALL Registry (“DNC”) to protect your number from unsolicited telemarketing activities. 
There are 3 registration methods:
1. Online Registration at
2. SMS Registration 
Information taken from

3. Toll Free Numer Registration

Information taken from
The DNC consists of 3 registers, namely:
  • No Voice Call Register
  • No Text Message Register 
  • No Fax Message Register
If your number is not a fax number, please remember to register it on the “No Fax Message Register” too. 
You may still receive telemarketing calls after registration if:
1. You have given clear consent to specific organisation/company before or after registration. So, read the terms and conditions before signing up for a lucky draw or free membership.
2. The caller represents a foreign company. The DNC only protects your number from all organisations and companies in Singapore
3. Within 60 days (starting from 2 Jan 2014) and 30 days (starting from 2 July 2014) from the day you have registered. 
For more information on DNC, please check out the following video or visit

If you are keen to find our more, here are 2 upcoming Consumer Talks you may consider to attend:

The Personal Data Protection Act and What It Means to You
15 January 2014, Wednesday. 7 to 8.30pm at Central Public Library. No Fees required.
To register, visit :

Knowing Your Choices: Personal Data Protection Act & Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act
18 January 2014, Saturday. 9.30am to 12.00nn at NTUC Center. Fee at $5 (inclusive of GST)
To register, visit:

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I’ve attended a briefing session on Do Not Call Registry by and would like to share the information with my readers. I am not in any way related to PDPC and all opinions mentioned in this post are my own. 

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