3 Little Pigs Paper Bag Puppets

Everyone loves a good story. Even better, if it is an interactive experience with adorable characters we can work on. Here’s sharing a little activity we did at home some time back – Paper Bag Puppets.
I took them out a couple of days ago to take some photos of them for a kids craft workshop proposal I was working on. It’s done and sent to the client, and I am pinning much hopes on it. Boy, I really want to conduct classes there! Fingers-crossed, if all works out well, I’ll be able to share more about it on the blog in the coming months. But for now, let’s go back to the puppets…
Though the puppets were made last year, Nat seem to remember them and was excited to play pretend with me. And so, we cleared the dinning table and had some fun reenacting the story.
Oopps, I think the wolf just ate the pig…
And now, the vengeance of the little pigs! ROAR!
Here’s a little more on the puppets. They made their first public appearence last September at the Mama Bazaar 2013. The children and I made them with together and put up a little show at the bazaar. It was lots of fun and a little scary for me as I… erm… was… erm… rather nervous. Thank God it turned out quite well 😉
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