My Cup Runneth Over…

Today’s a public holiday! The girls are happy to be home on a weekday morning (no school today! Hip hip horray!) and Baby Nat is in a good mood. Seems like a perfect day…o well, generally, apart from the toy snatching dramas and tv channels debates… yup, nothing out of the norm 😡
To keep all 3 kids happy and busy, we bake…
And I can’t help wondering how a bowl of flour and a couple measuring cups can be so amusing to a child.
I see Nat scooping up and pouring down, over and over again. While the girls decide who does what and what happens next, Nat’s happy and contented, minding his own business, always keeping a eye on the cup and watching it keenly- It seems always full, either with flour or wonder, or perhaps both.
And I wonder, how big are my worries, how big are they exactly. Perhaps I need to be little-er to be bigger than them. After all, the cup is indeed always full – even when it seems empty, there is still either worry or wonder. I choose the latter. And hope you choose it too :)
Have a lovely monday!
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