Dinner at Bricks N Cubes


Have you been to Bricks N Cubes?

Yup, the Lego themed cafe at The Cathay. We were there last Sunday for dinner. Here’s blogging down our experience there. 
The husband has been wanting to dine there for a while, and since the kids were reasonably well-behaved that day, we decided to head out for a treat. 
The girls changed did’s diaper and even prepared his outfit for him before we headed out.
I must say I was very impressed.  
Off to Bricks N Cubes we went! It was pretty amusing to see little faces (and big boy’s face) lighted up the moment they saw the little cafe – that was many many Lego in one cafe. 
Lego QR Code. How cool! I reckon it should work. Didn’t try though. 

Look! The Lego Man’s taller than Nat!
There was Lego here…

and there…. 

and there too…
Basically everywhere! It’s a LEGO paradise! 

The kids were well entertained at the play area where there were lots of Lego and Duplo for all to play.

At the play area

Taa Dahhh! Here’s what they built.
Taking a photo with their creation
Nat fascinated with what another kid built.  

Pretending to sleep
We were seated at the Priority Seat for families. 
It gave me a view of the kids while I sat back and skived :)

The kids were well-entertained even at the dinning area.

Pre-loaded Lego game apps in the in-store iPad which works as an electronic menu too. 

Everything was AWESOME (I could sing to the tune of the Lego movie song!) until dinner arrived…
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the worst pizza I’ve ever had!
It was so bad, none of the kids managed to finish their slice. They usually enjoy pizza and would ask for second servings. I guess that pretty much said it all. We had pasta and some finger food too and they were okay.. mediocre but okay. 
The consolation… 
At least they served us decent gelato and the waffle was good. 
Will we be back again?
YES, for play and desserts for sure. But save the pizza, and the pasta. I’d eat dinner somewhere else and pop by for play and desserts after. 

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