Week 28 Pregnant: Time for a checkup


Yesterday was my week 28 checkup. I see my gynae once a month to have a look at how Peanut is doing. I always look forward to these monthly checkups to catch a glimpse of the little fellow from the ultrasound screen. :)

Coincidentally, Chubby was playing with the set of doc tool toys we got from Mount Elizabeth Hospital yesterday morning. Chubby listened to my baby bump and reported that “Peanut is doing well!” Awww. This boy, he always seems to have the right words.

Our gynae visit in the evening wasn’t that great though. The gynae reported that peanut was underweight (30-40% pencentile). I went like WHAT! I put on a good 10kg and this little fellow is only weighting at 1kg at week 28!!! Why?!

So, I was advised to sleep on my left, which is an issue for me because I have severe backache that spreads to my left hips and tights making it at best uncomfortable and more often than not, painful to lay on my left. Nonetheless, I’ll try.

A friend suggested that I drink more milk. So after work today, I went to get Peanut and myself pregger formula. I shall try to get more rest too (this is tricky but I’ll try). Whatever helps.

The hubs was saying that perhaps Peanut is more alike to Renee. See, Renee is the tiniest baby among the 3. She was slightly over 2.5kg at birth and she is the only slim person in the house. The hubby reckoned Renee must have inherited his skinny genes…


But, what skinny genes?!

I really hope Peanut would put on some weight.  O please, please not be lighter than 2.5kg. I cannot imagine my little boy in an incubator.Hey peanut. Please be a good and take in more fats! I really don’t need so much, you can have them all!!!!

Thank u in advance.

Your fat but loving mum.

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