DIY Frozen Pinata in 5 Simple Steps


We made a Pinata out of cake box for Renee’s Frozen theme birthday party. It’s really easy to get it done – all you need is some patience, some time, and lotsa candies.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Seal 3 sides of the cake box, leaving one of the sides open and cut off the bottom flap. Now, do not dispose the cut-out portion, you will need it later.

Cut off the bottom flap from one side of the box.

Step 2: Now wrap and decorate the cake box with pictures and cut-out snowflakes. A search in google would find you many Frozen characters, posters and snowflakes to work with. I simply printed them out and got Renee to help with decorating.

Renee cutting out the snowflakes. She requested for me to print a huge one and past it on the floor so she could re-enact the scene when Elsa built her ice palace. Frankly, it could be done but that would be quite a fair bit of effort working with our a4 printer… in short it didn’t happen :(

20140613_231416 20140613_233130

Step 3: Make a handle for the pinata by poking a hole on the top and knotting a length of ribbon into it.


Step 4: Here’s the fun part – Stuff the pinata with lotsa candies.

Chubby stuffing the pinata with candies

Step 5: Now get the cut-off flap (in step 1) and tie ribbons in the middle, remember to leave a good length of ribbons for the kids to pull. Once done, stuff the flap into the opening and tape up the side. And you are done!


There you go, a DIY Pinata in 5 simple steps! Easy Peasy!


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    1. Hi Angelia. Thank you for the good wishes :) I can’t wait for jan to come and deliver my new baby. Wanted to say, you are an encouragement to me too – reading your blog spurred me on. Let’s jia you together!

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