Number RaceTrack


Less than two weeks to the end of 2014, and I’ve many many backlog to blog down before the we enter into the new year. I doubt I can finish in time, but like most times I am juggling with, I shall try to put in my best effort.

Here’s sharing a little activity we did at home some time back in October (yesh, october!). It’s super easy and pretty fun and educational.

It was a working Saturday that day and I came home in the late afternoon to my 3 little couch potatoes watching Disney Junior (as usual). To divert their attention from the TV and to appease my guilt for being away for most of the day, I pulled out our roll of Ikea drawing paper and started drawing a race track. Renee helped with colouring the tracks and Shanice helped with labeling the cars, while Nat jumped about in excitement.

Renee helping to colour the race track
Labelling the toy cars
Ready? Get set?

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