Laughing in the rain



I love rainy days. I remember how I enjoyed getting all soaked in the rain when I was little. A little rain never hurt… not until I grew up, started wearing makeup and carry branded bags to fit in at work –  couldn’t get my precious bags wet, right? But I got my kids all drenched in the rain today. And, that’s ok. Because, my kids ain’t made of fine leather- they are way tougher than that…IMG_20151130_170351


We were stuck in the interchange this afternoon. It was pouring and the Cheers store in the interchange ran out of umbrellas. Half of me wanted to run in the rain with the kids (but Nat just recovered from a flu), another half wanted to loiter around and enjoy the breeze (but I didn’t have the time)…

I tried to wait it out but it didn’t seem like the rain is going to stop any time soon…

I did a rough calculation of the risk I was taking for the kids to run in the rain for perhaps 200 meters before we reach a shelter (hum… 5 to 10mins? It would be like taking a shower, maybe)…

I wondered if I should get plastic bags from the mamashop in the interchange for the kids to cover their heads (but looking at the rain, wouldn’t be much help) …

and we ran…

“Faster, faster!… but careful (don’t slip)…”

“my shoe! my shoe!”

“wait, I’ll get it for you..”

and jumped in puddles, and laughed out loud..

IMG_20151201_000722So much fun!

And I thought to myself…

Maybe parenting ain’t just about protecting the kids from all harm.

Maybe it’s really ok to get all drenched (sometimes).

We may not always be in a situation we enjoy, but it helps to be able to tough it out, and laugh out loud.

After all, a little rain never do any harm.


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