A Week In The Life Of A Blogging Mum


Motherhood is ONE role with many terms. It started with SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) and FTWM (Full Time Working Mum). But we all know that they are not representative of the whole mama race, hence newer terms like WAHM (Work At Home Mum) and PTWM (Part-Time Working Mum) emerged for the group in between. Next comes the hybrids: Mumpreneurs (mums + entrepreneurs) and mum bloggers (mums who blogs) to name a few. It feels good to know that I belong to a certain tribe of mum cos I am a herder so I know I am not alone in my joys and struggles: others have been doing that too.

Before I go on about how wonderful or not-so-glam my week has been as a mummy who blogs, let’s be frank here: blogger or not, a mum is a mum la. Blogging doesn’t make me wiser or earn me some super powers (unfortunately). So why should you be reading about my week?
Well, you are already half way there anyway and It’s probably pretty good for your mum-esteem (you probably would say “Wah lau, what a mess!”). Lolx.


This is me, and my brood of 4. We look pretty neat here (that’s cos we were posing for a photo), but we are far to being tidy or organised IRL.

I just started working (after staying home most of the time for the past year) a couple of weeks ago and this is how the past weeks like for us.

Our week is a mish mess of everyone’s schedule. I think the best person who knows it all is my littlest, he watches our going-out and coming-in, day-in and day-out.

On weekdays…
My girls (who are 9 and 7) go to primary school, my preschooler goes to the childcare, the hubby and I head to work, while my littlest stay home with my helper.


My journey to work is about 1hr and 15 mins. That is when I blog, check my social media activities and catch up with friends on whatsapp. In between the morning and the evening train, I keep myself busy with work and occasionally, I wonder what are the kids doing at the time of the day. But all is good – kids are in good hands and I know I’ll get to see them when I am home.

Time at home is precious, though rather overwhelming at times: think 3 kids attempting to talk to me at the same time with a needy toddler pulling my collar and demanding to nurse… yup, pretty much that. With 4 kids, our house gets messy pretty quickly and I’ve long given up organising it (much), cos that would take out much time and time is a luxury for me, hence as much as possible, I prefer some action please.

The boys playing their self invented “bucket ball”.

With the exception of days when the girls have their ballet and evening classes, a typical evening starts with dinner. After which we would target to get the homework and necessary revisions (spelling and 听写) done. On days that I am not too burned out, we would squeeze in a board game or a short trip to neighbourhood mall before we end the day with stories with daddy while I nurse my littlest to sleep.

Nat working on his sketchbook.

On good days I’d be able to keep myself awake after Manny sleeps and catch the elder 3 before their lights out for some chit chats and cuddles. Otherwise, I’d fall asleep with the baby.


Weekends for us, are made of Sunday School, catching up with school work, eat-outs and occasional birthday parties.

The little ones and their friends in church.
Fun time at the playground near home

Life as it is quite a handful…
“And you still blog?” I hear you say.
Yer la. It’s one of the rare few hobbies I can effort to indulge in, frankly. ?
With 4 kids and work committments (be in working from home previously or in office now), I rarely get much me time. It’s a personal choice, really. One that works best for me now. ☺ It helps having an outlet to express myself and a pool of friends to share some of my hits and misses with. I guess under it all, I really need to know if I am doing fine as a mom. A little affirmation from other mums that I am doing ok. And in times when I screw up, people to tell me that the task has yet to complete, that I should pick myself up and soldier on.


And here’s the photo of my glamourously messy house.

Life is not easy.
But it’s fuller with little kids…
And a blog makes it a little cooler (dunya think?)


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3 thoughts on “A Week In The Life Of A Blogging Mum

  1. I have always liked a big family but after giving birth to my little one, I’m a little afraid of the prospect of a larger family. But this has been such inspiration and I really liked the part when you said kids makes life fuller. I can’t agree more.

  2. My house is never as neat as we want it to be haha, we make do. Same as life choices :)
    But we are pretty cool, everyone is happy in our family, I hope :)

    cheers, Andy

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