Best Play Ever



I was riding, the wind in my face. Happy faces around. I savoured the unusual freedom I got to enjoy. I looked back, “Hey, that’s Renee riding just behind… Great! We are ahead of the other 3.”

Staying close to Renee, we rode down the waterway, not wanting to stop until I noticed the phone ringing. 5 miss calls. Someone must have missed me.

“I think you have gone the wrong way dear. Turn back. We’ll meet you at the junction before SAFRA.” It’s the hubby, in his usual amusement for my severe lack of directions. “Ok …”

We were rather far off and as the sun was setting, I was feeling rather anxious. “stay close, Renee.” I kept her close. As we journeyed near the junction. I saw the hubs and Shanice chatting by the bench.
Looking around, I asked. “Where is Nat?”

“What?! I saw him riding behind you… I stopped to fix Shanice’s bike… he went your way.”


My heart must have stopped. Cos I couldnt make sense of the situation.

The hubby rode down the way to look for Nat. While I stood still. Still trying to cope with the reality. Looking around. The waterway park seem much bigger than it was. I needed help to find my Nat and called up the police… I was put on hold while the Police checked on something with his colleague when an unknown number called through…

Someone found Nat at the sand play area.
The boy must have lost me and rode the way back on his own. Much to our amusment, he was calm and composed when we found him…

No tears, no panicks. He rode close to me on his little blue bike and we arrived home safely for dinner. Once we have settled down, we asked Nat what happened and if he was hurt. I was rather impressed that Nat had memorised my phone number. The big sister was quick to explain that she had taught him to memorise my number- Like how I taught her to.

“I wrote it on a piece of paper and he memorised it.”


I had no idea what a big difference Shanice’s little play-pretend school could make. And how beneficial the curriculum designed by a 9yo would be.

I ended the day very very thankful to God for keeping my baby safe and bringing him home to me. And for giving me a wondeful girl, who in her little ways did our family a huge favour.


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