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Hello there!

Thank you for dropping by Chubby Fairy Party Works. I am Diana, the owner of Mum Craft and Chubby Fairy. Welcome to my little piece of digital paradise.

I am a Digital Marketeer turned Mumpreneur (first a Mum to my 3 kids (and 1 more on the way), then an Entrepreneur).Since the birth of my eldest girl, I’ve always wanted to have more control over my time, so that I can be there for my kids when they need me most.

Chubby Fairy is conceived from my modest dream of having more time for my kids while still bringing home the dough. In fact, it is the realisation it (I hope).

Because Chubby Fairy was born of a simple mother’s priority – Children first, it embodies the same spirit in the way we do business. We put the children first, then business.

What we do?

Chubby Fairy is all about making little children happy. We provide nothing less than no-nonsense children art and entertainment services at parties and events. Here’s what we do:

Our Specialized Services

  • Face Painting
  • Nail Art
  • Glitter Tattoo
  • Kids’ Art and Craft Workshop

Other Services

  • Magic & Puppet Show
  • Balloon Sculpting

Why choose us?

There are some things that mothers are better at. We read labels, dig out news and forum threads, search the entire WORLD-wide web and ask around, just so that we know what’s good and what’s not to use on our little ones. Because children are most precious to us, we only use non-toxic and kids-safe products on them.

Being mothers ourselves, we know kids best. We are sensitive to them and desire only to bring them no-nonsense fun and joy –  the way mothers know best.

For more information on our services and request for quotation, please call +65 8333 4810 or email to

Hope to be in touch!


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Chubby Fairy Children Art and Party Works
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