Back to school (I meant me, not the kids)


It’s a brand new beginning for us today – I am starting class this evening. So I said to my littlest “Mummy is going to study tonight. I will work hard, baby must be a good boy guai guai at home ok?”
And here’s his million dollar look.


Of cos my 2 months old doesn’t know what is going on. For most of the past 2 months, we stick to each other like a kangeroo and her joey. I am his everything – I am his source of milk and comfort, the face he looks out for when he cries – I am his mum.
Taking up a new course with 4 kids in tow, just 2 months after childbirth isn’t the easiest decision, but I went ahead anyway. Because I am his mum, I have to be responsible for him and his siblings, not only to nurture and love, also to provide.

Many of you know that I work part time and home base on weekend and runs a small face painting business on weekends. The contract with my part time job employer will end after my maternity leave, which effectively means I am jobless now. Of course I can hunt for another home base job (I am keeping a lookout, so if u have lobang for me please send it my way), but we all know how tough it can be to get such arrangement with employers. Going back to office full time is out of the picture at the moment, my littlest is also my last baby and I am bend to not miss his major milestones like how I was absent for some of his siblings’.

After much consideration, I decided to pursue a property agent license. The most ideal scenario would be to face paint and sell property concurrently. Meanwhile, I intend to find something home base (if I can) to work on while building my new endeavour in property sales. I know property sales would require me to meet clients for viewing, but at least I am not desk bound. I can decide how many deals I can handle at one time, this flexibility is what I need.

I have chosen to attend the evening session so that I won’t need to arrange for additional help at home. The hubs would be home from work and would be able to help mind all 4 (including 1 infant) with the help of our helper. My biggest concern is our littlest. I am his main care giver and at only 2 months old, he will require much care and attention while I am away. 

Breast milk prepared for little Emmanuel.

I could imagine baby crying wanting to be carried,  while the three elder kids run around the house screaming on top of the lungs. And there is dinner to be prepared, milk to be heat up, all at the same time. Just the thought of it is enough to make me give up the idea altogether, but the hubs assured me that he would rush home on the days I have lessons and everything would work out fine. So with his blessings,  I went ahead. 

Ahead is a new beginning on a new journey.  I am filled with excitement and I am all ready to launch! Wish me well!

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